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* Distances are taken from Palenque.

Agua Azul waterfalls, 62 Km.

His impressive series of the most beautiful waterfalls is formed on having got down the Rio Tulijá of a staggered way, creating a series of reservoirs ó natural ponds that are contained by calcareous dikes; the so called "gours" in the geological terminology. The intense blue color turquoise that they possess, which partly has made them famous, is owed to a great extent to the limy bed of the river. This one is one of the best advisable places to practise the photography, the excursionismo, the campismo and other activities outdoors; in addition, it will be able to acquire some articles of regional crafts.

Misol-Há waterfall, 20 Km.

As result of the rainfall of a river for a cantil of calcareous rocks, this beautiful waterfall is of approximately 30 mts. of height, which on having fallen down, it forms a wide puddle in the one that is possible, with precaution, to practise the swimming. It can be in addition the base to visit other points of interest like Z. A. of Palenque and Toniná, as well as the most beautiful and spectacular Agua Azul Waterfalls.

Archaeological Zone of Palenque, 8 Km.

Today, the place offers to the visitor one excellently sample of the successful architecture and Mayan sculpture that they demonstrate in the buildings as the famous Temple of the Inscriptions, which was the last mansion of the powerful king Pakal; the magnificent Palace with his tower and stuccoes; the Group of the North; the Temple of the Count and the group of the Temples of the Cross, of the Foliated Cross, the Temple the XIVth and the Temple of the Sol, which still guard some secrets for the investigators.

Archaeological Zone of Bonampak, 140 Km.

It is one of the most impressive, complex and beautiful places that could be located in the North America. Bonampak's discovery, one of the big histories of the archaeological exploration in Chiapas, allowed to know one of the major testimonies of the Mayan culture and the extraordinary conception of color and line of his painters. Independently of the archaeological interest that you have, you can take advantage of the unique opportunity to combine your trip to realize activities of outdoor and comes out in photographs, in this area that is the richest in tropical humid ecosystems that exists in the Mexican Republic.

Archaeological Zone of Yaxchilan, 167 Km.

Yaxchilán is the prototype of a city lost in the jungle; located in the left margen of a capricious meander of the Usumacinta, there is high mas of ten meters on the average level of the river, occupying a central position in the Jungle Lacandona.

Archaeological Zone of Toniná, 124 Km.

Toniná's etymology means " Mansions of Stone ", the height of this archaeological Mayan zone dates back of ends of the 6th century and beginning of the X A.D., in such a way that about the year 900 it turned into the acropolis of major dimensions of the neolithic Mexico.

Catazajá beaches, 28 Km.

A beautiful 2 h boat-ride, where the diversity of birds, iguanas and flora makes this tour a favorite one.

Yumká Park, 135 Km.

A great theme park for wild life, with african and local fauna, and well cared for local flora.

Piedras Negras

The Maya city of Piedras Negras is located on the north side of the Usumacinta River, about 40 km downstream of the Maya city of Yaxchilan. Piedras Negras was originally excavated by an archaeological project conducted J. Alden Mason and Linton Satterthwaite, University Museum at the University of Pennsylvania, this project lasted from 1931 to 1939.


Metzabok is the smallest community Lacandona. The lake provides good fishing and is the site of sacred caves and cave paintings. The town starts to 4 km. The main road to the Tomb, is a remote and tranquil atmosphere. At the same time being so remote, limited access to economic opportunities.

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